Touhou Koukishin Translation Patch

Prequel: Kengeki

The patch works on any version of the game.

You may need Microsoft .NET 4.0 if you get any errors.

Last update: 2014-dec-29, 23:07, UTC



Where can I download buy the game?

See the developer's blog post for a list of retailers.

What are the keyboard controls?

Terrible. We recommend these if you don't have a gamepad (get a gamepad)

The game crashes if I press ALT-F4

Not our fault! Also harmless. Try to ignore it.

The screen turns white after ALT-TAB

Bug in how the game does directx stuff, only happens in fullscreen mode.
Play in windowed mode and make sure you don't get any UAC popups while playing

What are the options during the install?

Everyone agreed that the game was too easy, so we tried to make it harder.
Power adjusts how hard enemies hit you -- higher means more damage.
Health controls the enemies' health -- higher means they're harder to kill.
The Ultimate slider controls the player's spell power but it's fucked.

So you made the game harder?

Only if you enable Custom difficulty while patching!
Leave it alone and everything is vanilla.

I don't want to use your launcher

Aight. Open up the game directory, delete kokishin.exe, and rename mgbase.exe to kokishin.exe

The boss fell through the floor, or is stuck behind a wall, now what

ALT-TAB to the launcher and press Fix broken boss battle
(you can set this as a hotkey if you wanna play fullscreen)

How do I enable 1st-person-mode

Under cheats in the launcher, enable the with mouse buttons checkbox. Now the left mouse button will be the same as the [i] key on your keyboard, and the right mouse button is mapped to [J]. Configure these to jump and slash in the game config.
PROTIP: You can set a hotkey to enable/disable stuff by right-clicking any checkbox/button