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2010/02/25 - 20:20

Screenshot of the C# solution

I wrote this solution as a CLI application in Java. It worked, but only on problems requiring 12 moves or less. If the amount of required moves went past that, it would enter a deadlock. After copypasting the code to a new C# project, adding some visual bling and changing the syntax, everything seems to work fine.

Then I tried implementing my own BinaryTree-class, and now the Java version works as well. I've probably misunderstood how you're supposed to use the one written by Sun Oracle.

v1.2 - 2010/03/12 - 18:32 - Java version actually works now
v1.1 - 2010/02/26 - 15:18 - Added comments and some features
v1.0 - 2010/02/25 - 20:20 - Fully working, no code comments

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