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/r/ - HLDJ+Foobar micspam guide

2011/01/20 - 00:30

There are many ways to micspam in TF2, this is how I roll.
You'll need this and this. Oh, and maybe this.
Old guide here.

ミ( ゜ヮ゜)   いくぞ!

Converter Setup ► 1.Outputformat, 2.Destination, 3.Processing

(3)Processing ► DSP Configurations   (from top to bottom)


Oh, and some tips on making this easier.

Remember to [Save] your conversion settings before you hit [Convert]!

You can switch bars in the equalizer config window using your [TAB] key, and change values using keyboard UP/DOWN keys.

As for filename template, you can either use mine (ridiculously verbose) or do your own:
[circle'('%album artist%')' - ][album'('%album% #%track%')' - ][artist'('%track artist%')' - ][title'('%title%')']

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