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2010/03/23 - 01:30

PROTIP: CTRL+C and CTRL+V is a waste of time. Select text to copy, middleclick (left+right) to paste.
Also, no word-wrapping here. Tripleclick lines extending past end of screen to select the entire paragraph.

Yellow text goes in terminal

With that said, here's a bunch of other things you may or may not know.

Here, have some software

Want a bunch of stuff like flash and mp3 support? nano apt.txt and paste this, quit and save
(Ctrl+X, Y, Enter) then do something like cat apt.txt | grep -v \# | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/ /g' | sh

sudo apt-get install

# Massive bloated packs
ubuntu-restricted-extras wine gimp

# Essential multimedia codecs


# Video players and encoders,patchers,validation
mplayer mencoder mkvtoolnix xdelta3 libarchive-zip-perl

# Audio players and editors,encoders
audacity lame flac cuetools mpd ncmpcpp sonata rhythmbox

# Image viewers and editors,toolkits
imagemagick jp2a gthumb pngcrush inkscape

# Chiptune creation software
goattracker milkytracker opencubicplayer
# also famitracker run under wine

# Sepples codan/programman suite
build-essential hexedit python3 qt-sdk geany

# Enterprise java development
sun-java6-jdk netbeans

# General tools
xsel md5deep cowsay figlet htop testdisk xfce4-terminal

# Communication
irssi weechat mona rtorrent youtube-dl midori

# File transfer
filezilla fldigi

# File archivers
rar unrar lha unace-nonfree p7zip-full

# Network diagnostics
wireshark nmap ettercap traceroute macchanger driftnet

# Emulation
fceux gfceux zsnes dosbox

# Instant rice

The now deprecated apt-get line (for reference reasons)

sudo apt-get install mplayer ubuntu-restricted-extras md5deep rar unrar lha unace-nonfree xdelta3 wireshark nmap ettercap traceroute audacity lame wine goattracker milkytracker fceu gfceu fceu-server zsnes irssi p7zip-full sun-java6-jdk netbeans cowsay macchanger xsel htop hexedit flac mona imagemagick python3 opencubicplayer mencoder testdisk mkvtoolnix mkvtoolnix-gui filezilla driftnet gparted libqt4-dev g++ gpsk31 fldigi cuetools shntool dosbox conky ncmpcpp mpd deluge-torrent jp2a dosbox qt-sdk gthumb geany

How about a webserver?

Setting up a basic lighttpd LAMP webserver

sudo apt-get install lighttpd php5-cgi mysql-server php5-mysql php5-gd

# nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
Append to server.modules:

# nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
Append to end:
    fastcgi.server = ( ".php" => ((
        "bin-path" => "/usr/bin/php5-cgi",
        "socket" => "/tmp/php.socket" )))

Firefox for small screens

Pimped out netbook userchrome (old version)

@namespace url("");
#navigator-toolbox {margin-top:-34px}                                      /*conceal file menu*/
#status-bar {font-size:.8em; margin:-3px 0 -6px 0}                         /*slimmer statusbar*/
 tabbrowser {margin-top:-6px}                                              /*with less margin*/
.tabbrowser-tab {max-height:16px!important;margin-bottom:-4px!important}   /*smaller tabs*/
.tabbrowser-tab[selected="true"] {font-size:.9em}                          /*emphazise selected*/
.tabbrowser-tab:not([selected="true"]) {opacity:.5;font-size:.8em}         /*and fade the rest*/
.tabbrowser-tab:not([selected="true"]):hover {opacity:.9}                  /*BLING BLONG LOL*/
.tabs-container {max-height:20px !important}                               /*slimmer tabstrip*/
#urlbar {font-family:monospace !important;font-size:12px !important}       /*herp derp*/

/* also,
 * chrome://browser/content
 * /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.12/chrome/browser.jar/browser.css

Watch movies and shit

nano ~/.mplayer/config (NOT THE MOST RECENT)

# ASS etc
ass=yes             #why not default?
fontconfig=yes      #dunno lol
embeddedfonts=yes   #fuck year fabulous
slang=en,no,jp      #hello hei konnichiwa.
spualign=-1         #vob (positioning)
spuaa=4             #vob (antialias)

# ao=sdl,             #sound through hdmi
# vo=vdpau,xv,        #use vdpau output
# vc=ffh264vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffmpeg12vdpau,

# Decent styling
utf8=yes            #herp
unicode=yes         #derp
ffactor=1           #black outline
subpos=95           #ypos
subalign=2          #bottom
subfont-autoscale=2 #to vid width
subfont-blur=2      #blur
subfont-outline=2   #outline
sub-bg-alpha=0      #bgcolor
sub-bg-color=0      #white on black

# ...or the ass way:
# ass-force-style=FontName=Purisa,FontSize=36,ScaleX=.8,Outline=1,Shadow=1
# ass-line-spacing=-24

Rice up your terminal

Current PS1 (paste at the end of nano ~/.bashrc)

export PS1="\n\
 \[\033[1;35m\]\$(date --rfc-3339=seconds | sed 's/+/ +/' )\
 \[\033[1;32m\]\$(ls -lah | grep -m 1 total | sed 's/total //')B in \$(ls -1 | wc -l | sed 's/ //g') files\[\033[0m\]\

Also, nano ~/.Xdefaults tuned for urxvt-unicode

Xft*dpi: 96
Xft*antialiasing: true
Xft*hinting: true
Xft*hintstyle: hintfull
Xft*rgba: rgb

! small tier
!urxvt*font:        xft:ProggyTinyTT:pixelsize=16:antialias=false,\ xft:Kochi Gothic:antialias=false,\ xft:GulimChe
!urxvt*boldFont:    xft:ProggyTinyTT:pixelsize=16:antialias=false,\ xft:Kochi Gothic:antialias=false,\ xft:GulimChe

! crisp tier
!urxvt*font:        xft:Terminus:pixelsize=14,\ xft:Kochi Gothic:antialias=false,\ xft:GulimChe
!urxvt*boldFont:    xft:Terminus:pixelsize=14,\ xft:Kochi Gothic:antialias=false,\ xft:GulimChe

! great tier
!urxvt*font:        xft:Liberation Mono:pixelsize=14
!urxvt*boldFont:    xft:Liberation Mono:pixelsize=14

! dos tier
urxvt*font:         xft:Perfect DOS VGA 437:pixelsize=16,\ xft:Kochi Gothic:antialias=false,\ xft:GulimChe
urxvt*boldFont:     xft:Perfect DOS VGA 437:pixelsize=16,\ xft:Kochi Gothic:antialias=false,\ xft:GulimChe
!urxvt*boldFont:    xft:Perfect DOS VGA 437:pixelsize=16

! troll tier
!urxvt*font:        xft:Domestic Manners:pixelsize=17
!urxvt*boldFont:    xft:Domestic Manners:pixelsize=17

urxvt*geometry:             120x35
urxvt*internalBorder:       4
urxvt*fading:               20
! urxvt*shading:            10    ! Transparency
! urxvt*inheritPixmap:      true  ! Transparency
urxvt*foreground:           rgba:ffff/ffff/ffff/ffff
urxvt*background:           rgba:2222/2222/2222/ffff
urxvt*background:           rgba:1111/1111/1111/ffff
urxvt*background:           rgba:0000/0000/0000/ffff
urxvt*saveLines:            8191
urxvt*visualBell:           true
urxvt*scrollTtyKeypress:    true
urxvt*scrollWithBuffer:     false
urxvt*scrollTtyOutput:      false
urxvt*scrollBar:            true
urxvt*scrollstyle:          plain
urxvt*scrollBar_right:      true
urxvt*scrollColor:          #777777
urxvt*cursorColor:          #ffcc00

urxvt*cutchars:             (){}[]<>,.|*"'
urxvt*print-pipe:           cat > $(echo urxvt.dump.$(date + '%Y%M%d%H%m%S'))
urxvt*secondaryScroll:      true		
urxvt*mapAlert:             false
urxvt*utmpInhibit:          true

! urlLauncher
urxvt*per-lib:              /usr/lib/urxvt/perl/
urxvt*perl-ext-common:      default,matcher
urxvt*urlLauncher:          /usr/bin/firefox
urxvt*matcher.button:       1

*color0:  #404040
*color8:  #505050
*color1:  #F03669
*color9:  #C75B79
*color2:  #B8E346
*color10: #C8E37E
*color3:  #FFA402
*color11: #FFBE4A
*color4:  #02A2FF
*color12: #71CBFF
*color5:  #875C8D
*color13: #E41F66
*color6:  #6FA9D3
*color14: #0078CE
*color7:  #D2D2D2
*color15: #FFFFFF

An example terminal after applying changes to the previous two files:

 0> 2010-11-11 22:22:22 :: ed@neetbook :: 132KB in 7 files :: ~/code
 :: figlet "sup fags"
__ ___ _ _ _ __ / _| __ _ __ _ ___ / __| | | | '_ \ | |_ / _` |/ _` / __| \__ \ |_| | |_) | | _| (_| | (_| \__ \ |___/\__,_| .__/ |_| \__,_|\__, |___/ |_| |___/

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