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While this website does work in Internet Explorer, it doesn't look very pretty. Between you and me, there are much better alternatives. Take your pick: Chrome, Opera, Firefox or even Safari (sorted by personal preference).

Enjoy a faster, safer and more visually pleasing web experience!

Recent updates

2009/09/09 - 09:09

2010/06/04 - 21:56 - Published results for all exams this year

Problem, Chrome users?

2010/04/24 - 16:26

I am now the proud owner of a website that occasionally crashes Google Chrome.

Click the post caption (and refresh a few times) to crash your browser.

Server lockdowns

2010/03/21 - 11:53

FTP has been disabled since wednesday (still is actually), so can't modify the website right now. I decided to finish instantHTML regardless; now it can actually compile the templates.


2010/01/30 - 23:50

Can't afford a proper server, so it's back to plain html for now.

"DAM!", ADM exclaimed, MAD because his MDA graphics card was causing DMA problems with his AMD processor.

iPhone support

2009/10/27 - 19:49

I think I just added iPhone support for everything. As I'm not the lucky owner of such a device, I'm not actually sure. TODO: Get an iFriend to test

CMS installed

2009/09/16 - 21:29

Did some minor reworking of the template, and set up my cms. Now everything's set to start churning out content.

Domain aquired

2009/09/13 - 20:10

Looks like I've finally gotten myself a decent domain. I really can't believe my luck; I discovered it just two weeks after the previous owner let it expire

MP3 player

2010/05/22 - 17:00
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