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2011/03/27, 06:00 u3music and ps3serv published in /d/
2010/11/19, 15:01 Crackhead and Sebbles published in /d/
2010/06/04, 21:56 Exam results just came in
2011/04/07, 23:38 Yearly update. Also, iPad2 can't handle my awesome site. How embarrassing.
2010/04/24, 16:26 Problem, Chrome users? used to crash Chrome, but it's been fixed by now
2010/03/21, 11:53 Everything's disabled, so changing host again. Also, finished instantHTML
2010/01/30, 23:50 Database has gotten unstable, back to plain web1.0 html
2009/10/27, 19:49 I think iPhone support was just added, idklol
2009/09/16, 21:29 Set up a basic CMS, time to start postan
2009/09/13, 20:10 Grabbed two weeks after expiration, aw year

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