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2010/05/17, 17:56 2010, May 17th. Just returned from Sweden. Feels goodman.
2010/04/24, 14:05 CSS3 across bowsers. Some differences I've found so far
2010/04/09, 18:48 I had tacos today. Picture after the bump
2010/04/09, 18:20 New MP3 player~ First impression of the Sony Walkman NWZ-S540, also bugfixes
2010/03/10, 23:15 REPENT! THE END IS NEAR! Sometimes it's better to live in ignorance.
2009/12/27, 21:45 Tibia. It's been a while.
2009/12/26, 01:26 EKSAMENSRESULTATER Holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.
2009/12/05, 19:19 I has an SRO. Aw year, new apartment. Moving in right after exams are over.
2009/10/12, 19:59 Broken infrastructures and power failures. Entire town without power. Again. Rant inc
2009/09/18, 11:53 So what's up. Quick summary of recent events

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