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/b/ - Broken infrastructures and power failures

2009/10/12 - 19:59


So there I was, lurking a certain board blasting appropriate music, when the fucking power goes awol. I mean, what the fuck. It didn't drop instantaneously either; imagine a bad horror movie. Odd flickering, computer has just enough time to recover from powersurge, then another flicker and everything's just plain dead. At first I thought it was my sound equipment blowing the fuses again, but then I looked out the window. Blackness as far as the eye can see. By now I'm thoroughly pissed that I have yet to invest in a decent ups solution. Or at the very least a motherfucking flashlight.

Still, I laughed as I pulled out my trusty netboob. Heading for the kitchen, I fullscreen the brightest image I can find, putting the laptop on top of the cupboard. With a decent source of light (and music), I decide to brush my teeth before the water starts getting cold. Fumbling about on the toilet to find my toothbrush, I clean my teeth to the unworldly shrieks being fnaos played using different soundfonts.

Meanwhile I start thinking about how shitty the infrastucture has to be for this to happen. A whole town, including smaller settlements on the outskirts, just blacking out all of a sudden? Lots of people are simply dependant on a stable source of electricity. Think hospitals. Think atom reactor security monitoring systems. Think sweaty nerds and their H-games. What would happen if the backup power suddenly dropped for an extended period of time? Fuck knows. All I know is that I'm bored of this and want to play some stepmania now.

Actually, saving my progress is probably a good idea. The power will probably fucking fail again. Fuck.

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