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2009/09/18 - 11:53

So I've been thinking. This mess with over 9000 pictures of blackboards aren't too practical. I've started retyping everything in HTML (no LaTeX for you), and will host everything here as statically imported .php files instead. Everything should turn out fucking awesome unless I botch it.

In other news, I've found a brilliant laptop that fits my needs perfectly. Best part? It's severely underpriced compared to the other laptops around here. I don't think people know what CUDA is. This beast rolls in at 6'000kr (~920$): Let's list some of its specs shall we.

It has ridiculously shitty sound quality due to VistAids Improved Forced-Enabled Sound Processing Libraries®TM, but I should be able to fix that with some foobar and wasapi. So all in all, this laptop is pretty much win.

The issue? I'm pretty much broke, though I have a spare dastep computer. I'm trying to sell it for ~7'500kr (~1150$), and a mate of mine was interested in buying it. Theoretically, everything should be fabulous. But he's broke too. Unless the state-owned loan department speeds things up, there won't be any new computar for me, and I'm stuck with my Intel® ATOM® nettop. Aw yeah.

Also, I'm still pessimistic about maths and all. Let's just see how stuff turns out when I have my first exam (around christmas or whatever). Meh.

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