game translation patches

ykmyouyou kengeki musou English, Korean
kkstouhou koukishin English
snwsora no woto psp vn English


copypartyfilesharing hub (runs on phones and servers), demo
r0ctelnet / vt100 irc-like chat server, video
softchatNND-like livechat for VODs, video
loopstreaminternet radio dj rig
battleplancomiket map / planning app src
foo_imgfoobar2000 plugin to play images as audio
devdumping ground for smaller projects


chipchiptune compo mirror
harumashup mirror
stuffdumping ground for files mirror

docs and notes

dotfilesunix config files
onelinersunix command atlas
ffmpegtranscoding and hardsubbing
termuxunix software on android as an app, video
osxOSX tweaks
spoilerspoiler text on irc
tronarmagetron config
docdumping ground for quick notes

web stuff

a clockit tells time
hashi wo kakerosolves logic puzzles also known as Ai-Ki-Ai
game of lifeseveral rulesets and editing; examples
textpimprice text
marqueehuge text
kanahiragana / katakana list
unstuckfix stuck pixels

web junk

aestheticglitch art (slow as molasses)
bossunfinished canvas joke (epilepsy warning)
ucunder construction

junk junk

3ds homebrewso far just an xm player
dfpwmtesting the 1-bit-per-sample codec